Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day - to every present and future Mums!

My first baby blanket

The will be a New Human Being in our team of friends - with no name at the moment, but hopefully the Parents will sooner or later find out what the name might be and find an agreement on how to name the Baby nice :-)
For this New Baby, who will be a girl for sure (luckily we now at least the sex!), I have created on last Saturday a baby blanket made of blue minky fabric. The only condition set by the Mum of the New Baby Girl is that there is no exaggeration with pink, because although it will be a girl, the pink will be the last colour in her wardrobe.
So I made it, with only a slight addition of pinky, amaranth - to be precise. And I hope that the New Baby Girl will like it :-) Here it is - Baby Blanket No 1.