Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Story

I used to believe the company and civil law is the essence of my life, until I discovered the passion for creativity. One day I just realized that the only thing which makes me really, really happy is crafting. I knew that long time before I got my first sewing machine (Nov 2012), I just didn’t say that out loud to myself. 

Photo by Julia Molner

 But when I finally did, technological progress gave me this easy tool of Blogger to share my passion with others. After a not much successful and consistent start on Feb, 2013 and an enthusiastic return after almost a year of a break (Feb 2014), I have finally decided now, on January 2015, to start once again (and it wasn’t a New Year’s promise!). Because this is something I really love to do. Because it makes me happy. Because I have so many ideas in my head. Because I keep reverting to all those projects I used to think about when planning this Blog at the beginning.

I tend to learn everything I am pleased to. That’s how I’ve started everything: I learned how to sew and I made first kitchen aid for my friends. I had a wedding and I learned how to make those paper wedding cakes as a gift for my guests. I learned knitting from the very beginning on You Tube and I’ve knitted those little pretty beanies for my 3 – weeks old baby. 

Photo by Julia Molner
At the moment I devote myself to web design lessons on line, which I’d like to learn for my own satisfaction. How excited it would be to design a logo by my own! I will do it, one day :-)

I’ve decided to make my project international, that’s why I’ve started to write it in English, although the posts I wrote before was in Polish. I was so inspired by many of American and Australian bloggers, whom I am thankful to. Especially for hearten me up for restarting this Blog and do what I love. It doesn’t mean I leave off my legal practice! Not at all! Believe me or not, but this job brings me lot of satisfaction and is very interesting too, not to mention it brings me much better money (any money at all :-)) than this little tiny Blog of mine. The question is will I manage to do both? I swear I’ll do my best to make it works.

I’ve seen this great quote at my hairdresser, saying “do things with passion or don’t”. One of my favorite bloggers says “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Allyou have to do is believe in it”.

This is what inspires me. This is my time to name my dreams and make them come true. Piano, piano…

Photo by Marek Grzebieluch
In fact one of my dreams is to have some nice home made my way. I live in a small apartment now, with not much capability to be redesigned due to my expectations and needs. And when one day I will have one I will look at my “Dreams” page and see what is the home look I dream of. The idea of this page was taken from LizMarieBlog and her Favorite Things Friday, however my goal is to gather in one place projects, designs and objects I am fond of, share it with all of my readers (will there ever be any?) and use it as an inspiration to my new home project.  

One room in my home will be my studio – a place where I will put my sewing machine in a nice corner, gather my knitting tools, put all the papers, ribbons, fabrics, etc., etc. A place with big windows, where I will create beautiful things whenever I want. 

Welcome to my place! Enjoy the visit!