Monday, February 9, 2015

Vintage baby dress trimmed with lace

This story will be about how the baby dress affected the day my little Zu was born. When waiting for her, I was looking for some nice dresses on the Internet for the coming winter and spring and many special occasions we were ment to have in the future. I've visited several nice on-line shops, craft masters blogs and others, and I have finally found the inspiration I was looking for. It was a Vivi & Oli Babies Fashion Life blog that have directed me to these masterpieces of the BBK Creations  company in France. The collection of dresses and shoes for the little princess was actually an art. Lovely, vintage designed, retro inspired with nice cal colours, terrific ribbons and so precise in details as no one else is making.
Photo from Facebook Fanpage of Bbk Creations

Photo from Facebook Fanpage of Bbk Creations
So as soon as I found my inspiration source, I've decided to make such a masterpiece for my daughter. I had some fabrics on the stock which I bought long time ago with no purpose and I thought they will be great for the vintage dress I want to sew. I've added the black trim in two seizes, one of them especially for the little bow on the front.  I took the pattern from another dress I bought for Zu, which seemed to me quite easy to make.
And here is the story - I've started to sew this little dress few days before the day Zu was born. I was commencing to do this art of mine many times, but never had enough time or power to finish it. Then, suddenly came the Saturday. I said: OK, Zu should already be here five days ago, it seems possible she would come now. So I should welcome her with the dress finished (at that time I didn't have any idea what the life looks like after the child is born and that there is almost NO TIME for SEWING anymore). I made the whole dress, but as the night came to the town, I went to bed leaving the dress without the buttons on the back side. On Sunday early morning I've started having pains. They were with me all that day (my Birthday, actually ;-) less or more heavy. When they were less painful, I decided to finish the dress once and forever by attaching the buttons. I thought maybe she doesn't want to come as long as the dress is not finished :-)))) The buttons were attached. Before midnight I was already in the hospital, and She came to the World on Monday morning. Would you like to see my masterpiece? Check below!
I was trying not to copy any of the Bbk Creations pattern and only get inspirations of the style. Do you think I made it? Soon I'll show you much more masterpieces I made for this baby of mine, but for now I have to go back to the home improvement projects, soon on the blog. Stay tunned!