Monday, February 2, 2015

Black and white snow beanie

My husband used to say I always do these masterpieces for others instead of doing something for him. I did a lot of stuff for my friends and family members, and there was no time for doing things for the closest friend of mine and the closest family member. That was his accusation I had to face day by day. When I think about it now, I guess it was all of the inspiration moments, that gave me picture of things I am sure my husband wouldn't like to have or even watch. They were colorful kitchen aprons or crazy pixel patchwork throws, while at our home we applied black and white style.

But finally he requested a THING especially for him! The black and white beanie made for the big snow holidays we look forward to!

The request seemed to be an easy DIY: a beanie (bit longer than a head) in wide black and white stripes, and a pom pom on the top. Who of the knitting begginers wouldn't know how to do this!?! Well, try to imagine I was knitting this masterpiece for at least three months, starting from a cuff for almost 40 loops (2 left x 2 right) and the app. 20 loops wide stripes, finished with the hand made (literally made on my hand) pom pom. I made the beanie on the magic loop, which I learned from the you tube channel :-) And here it is.
The recipient found it stunning (I suppose) and made some nice pictures of it, as you can see. Looks like the beanie fits the snowboard goggles, don't you think?

If you still wonder why it took me over a 3 months to make this kind of easy beanie, check the rest of my works. Do you see the difference? Well, I'll tell you: the colours! Yes! I belong to this part of the World who loves working with colours, not only black and white. Other reason - no inspiration means no work and no passion in what I do :-( I did this beanie because I was begged to ;-), but if you ask me if I enjoyed the show - acctually I didn't. The only fun I had was seeing my husband playing with this bear and goggles. As soon as we get to our snow holidays in Italy this March I will also show you the beanie on the hubby's head :-) Stay tunned!

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