Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christening knitted baby balnket

Many of you may have already noticed that a great part of my work recently posted on my Blog is made especially for someone. Today I'll reveal you another part of the box - made especially for my daughter, little Zu. As it is with a small baby, there is only a little bit of time during the day, which Mum may spend doing her favorite things, including crafts in my case :-) But, if you look at the time when the baby was expected, here you have a long 9 months for doing everything you want! 

And so it was in my story - I made a lot of things I supposed would be necessary for Zu when I was waiting for her. But the blanket I want to show you in this post was made right after she was born, when I started collecting the baptism apparel for her. 
We decided to make the baptism ceremony in the end of January, and it happend to be the coldest day in 2013! As for the winter day, I decided to make some handknitted blanket for Zu, something she will find one day in her adult life and say 'Wow! This is awesome'.
I bought the yarn at Magicloop which is my favourite yarn shop at the moment - I've picked Nepal DROPS yarn, and used about two henks of this wool. You won't believe how many times I started the blanket once again even if it was almost finished, as I needed to get the effect I had in my head.
Apart from the pattern I picked (or actually designed - nothing too complicated, as I wanted the blanket to look beautiful by its simplicity), I also wanted to personalize the blanket. I was always fond of monograms and so I did one out of a piece of brown leather.  And here it is:


Along with the gourgeous headband with a flower attached (can't be seen on the photo below) I got from MOMILO (you really should check their accessories, as they are wonderful! Go and check her  ETSY shop), I think the blanket from Mummy went out really nice.
What do you think? Isn't it the preetiest gift I could ever made to my baby in memory for her big day?