Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter bunnies invasion!

Hi there! Have you missed me? Oh, I missed you alot :-) Well, this is how it is when the passion meets every day life reality. Plus a little baby girl expecting her mum to play around and be at every demand :-) Lots of work at work, a week of winter holidays (the overdue one, although started on the first day of Spring), and then again a week of hard work. And here we are! It's almost Easter.
Luckily I've started planning on this easter decoration long long time before, so I'm ready now to show you how I decorated my home for these great days.
So this Easter decoration was supposed to be quick and easy, without hand painted eggs, etc., but still I wanted it to be made by my hands. One day, when I was looking for some inspirations for Easter, I saw many patterns of bunnies made on thousands ways and of thousands materials. I then checked what I have at home storing for years and I've found this nice check fabric.
I put the bunny's shape on it, cut off and sew on the right side, without worries on what to do with the edges. Come on! This is a decorative bunny, not a dress to be wear. And I think these edges left on the right side are still charming. When I was close to the bunny's tail, I stuffed the bunny with a cotton wool, then the tail was finished by needle and thread. Everything took me about half an hour. And when I finished, the only thing left was enjoying the fun of decoration in as many ways as I wanted. Here are some shots of how I found it looking nice. If you look carefully you'll find some coffee paper wrapper and baby wooden bricks too :-) no painted eggs needed!
What do you think? Which option is the best looking? For more inspirations check the Moonllight and Mason Jars Link Party :-)

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