Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 tips and tricks I wish I'd known before I started blogging

I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.
Maya Angelou
You may find dozens of advices from other bloggers and proffessionals saying that nowadays photography is the most important thing in blogging. I totally agree with all of them! My only observation is heading even further - I think for a good blogging it is all a matter of good visual part, not only pictures, but layouts, graphics, fonts, posters - every part of the blog that is not the content (text), but is deciding for the viewer. Take your evening coffee, have a sit and read carefully.

The past few weeks I spend digging in this issue and finding out how to do that. And it was always posts from other members of blogging community that opened my eyes on several things. So, after few months of learning I've decided to share with you this little knowledge I gathered up to now. I don't explore what is unexplored yet, but maybe putting all the tips and tricks (information in fact) in one place would be helpful for someone. This way I'd like to get back what I received from other helpful souls. 

So here you have 4 tips and tricks on how to improve the visual side of your blog (oh! I wish I'd known it before posting those scary photos and relying on bloggers templates, wrrr...):

1. Get a nice template for your blog
I did. I've invested 15 $ in blog template from Designer Blogs and am sooo happy to visit my own blog everyday. I really like the new look. Plus you get all of help you need to adjust the template to your needs - all thanks to girsl from Designer Blogs. Come on! It's worth it!

2. Get a DSLR camera for your photos
OK. I don't have this one. But I'm working on it and hopefully I'll get one in a near future. I was convinced to buy one by Lauren from Bless'er House. If you haven't seen her post on photograpy yet, you definetly should!
If you have a DSLR camera, use it's possibilities/stop using auto option!
If you don't have any, do not stop your blogging - you still do a great job, just need to improve the way you show it. Just try to take your photos in a good light and then edit them the best you can.

3. Get friendly with online tools for creating a viewer - friendly images
Once I have found this great post of Buffersocial. From that day on I fall in love with Pickmonkey and I use it now for almost each image I post here. My type #2 is Canva - you should check it too, as it gives plenty of possibilities of creating posters and Social Media adjusted images. And is soooo intuitive. 

4. Learn how to mix typefaces on your images and posters
If you visit the recent post of Designer Blogs you'll be delighted to find out that someone has already experimented with several fonts connections. So if you want to play with mixing fonts, which I find pretty fancy, you should check the 'cheat sheet' out there.

I'm sure these four little tricks will help you improving your blogging. I'll keep my finger's crossed for you, but please, you do the same for me, as I also still keep learning. If you have any comments, let me know, ok?

By the way, have you checked the last post of Bless'er House? Sooo many wonderful ideas for life improvement!


  1. Chętnie zastosowalybysmy jakiś fajny szablon,ale czy wtedy istniejąca całość się nie posypie?

  2. Joanno, ja swój szablon zastosowałam na już funkcjonującym blogu, wszystko się bardzo ładnie dostosowało. Fakt, mój blog nie jest jeszcze zbyt rozbudowany, ale kilkanaście postów już było i dalej działa. Zresztą, zapewniam, że akurat dziewczyny z Designer Blogs pomagają po zakupie rozwiązać problemy, ja dostałam jeszcze mailowo kilka tutoriali jak pewne rzeczy pozmieniać. Szczerze polecam.
    Polecam Wam tym bardziej, że macie naprawdę cudowne zdjęcia na blogu, jak do tego dodacie jeszcze fajną grafikę, będzie wyglądało super!