Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blooming baby mini quilt

Hello my Friends!!! It's been a while now that I was off. And I am sorry for that. This was one of the hard time at my proffessional work, when I had no idea what was my name, not to mention the ideas for new post. I have hardly visited any other bloggers, I haven't had time for admire their great projects, and so on. One evening however I stopped for a moment and tried to make some new Easter project, which I hope to finish soon and show you next days. By the time I do so, there is still some old projects in my drawer that I'd like to show you. Today, I'm going to present some photos of the baby mini quilt I made for my Zu when she was the little one.
So, as always, grab your coffee, take your comfy seat and enjoy!

 Well, as the project was the old one - made long long time ago, I still don't have photos of the process of doing that. But! Good news! This is a project based totally on the DIY of the great girls from the Purl Bee, and you can still find the original pattern here. Raise your hands for those who see the difference :-) Well, I do. But there is nothing wrong in being a student and showing your efforts to improve.
So my mini quilt was made with flowers - I thought for the little baby it's better to make the badges bolded and clear. Therefore, instead of giving floral and decorated fabric, I used the Kona Cotton  solid from Robert Kaufman and made flowers out of them. When quilting I complied with no rules :-)
The top is blooming and the bottom corresponds with the colours of the top, but I sewed the cotton in wide stripes. Well, I like what it looks like. The colours are cheerful, not too pinky as for the girl, but strong and effective. In one of the corners I put a small trim with girls/dolls embroidered on it, still keeping the colours of the quilt quite intensive.

 Oh! Have a look how the baby likes it! And do you? I know... those photos... Have I already said sorry for them? I'm going to change it, if only you have a little bit more patience :-)

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