Monday, February 16, 2015

Colorful beanie and tube socks

This passing winter I learned how to use the magical use of magic loop needles, which is great and so easy! As soon as I caught the idea and magic tricks to avoid sewing the beanie with ugly stitches, I had to make something for upcoming snow. So here it is: the colourful striped project for Zu, composed of a hat and tube socks, which are so little and cute.
As usually, I bought the yarn at Magicloop and just went with imagination on how to out the colours together and what the seizes should be - luckily I had the head and legs of my little Model nearby, so I didn't have to unravel my masterpiece.

Is it only me who likes fancy colours for the kids closet, instead of light pink and blue or grey in each tone or do you like it too? Come on, there must be someone else :-) Stay tunned and I will show you more colorful works I made for my kid, so easy that you can do them too!

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