Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You don't use a kitchen apron? Don't worry, I'll make one for you!

My dearest sister Ann and her husband is going to visit South America these days. What an adventure is waiting for them!!! (Oh! How jealous I am!) Before their departure we went to visit them last Sunday evening, and I have once again noticed (actually I have only confimed my prevoius observation) that my sister doesn't use the kitchen glove I made for her one day for her name day!!! 
When I visit Sokół, the kitchen glove and the apron I made for her new appartment looks like being used all around :-) And I love it! 
But, frankly speaking, I also accept the fact, that my dearest sister Ann doesn't have a need to use the kitchen accessories I made for her, although it is she who is cooking the most in our family (exept our Mom). I have to admit, that at the time I made these accessories for Ann as a gift, I was able to do only such things on my sewing machine. I loved the way the fabrics may be put together in different combination, and I thought my sister (or anybody else) would love it too. So there was a moment in my life, when I made only kitchen accessories gifts, no matter if the recipient needed such accessories or not, and no matter if he or she was going to use it or not :-) I didn't care as long as I loved the gifts I made by my hands. Well, I'll show you some of them, and you decide, whether I was right or not :-)

So, who would like to get a kitchen glove and other accessories? Don't you think my dearest sis Ann should put it on the front desk of her kitchen and admire it every morning while drinking her coffee? ;-)

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