Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Make an unforgettable Birthday Party for your kid

Few days before I came back to work after a year of my maternity leave, I have organized a First Birthday Party for my little Zu. Would you like to know, how I made it? Coffee, donut, comfortable chair and here we go!

It was a simple and a low-budget idea, made totally by myself and the Great Sokół - the author of Birthday invitations. The whole concept was taken from the Popsugar - 51 of the Best Birthday Party Ideas For Girls, where I have found this Bow-Filled First Birthday Party :

Photo from Popsugar
I thought 'This is it!' I loved those colours put together and I knew this is what I want my daughter first birthday party to look like. I was trying to get close to the dream style, unfortunately in Poland it is still quite difficult to find some stuff or expected colours. So I had to manage realizing this dream of mine with elements which were within my reach.
As soon as I've found the inspiration, I asked my belowed Scrapmaker - Sokół to make birthday invitations using the colours scheme as in the Popsugar post and a baby theme whatever she wants. I know her power for creativity so I asked her to make each invitation different :-) In my opinion she made the order perfect! Just have a look!

Aren't they great?!?  
I have no link to Sokół's blog or a webpage, but I will convince her to make some portfolio and a blog and I'll show you some more of her works. It is definitely worth seeing.
The home decoration was based on fabrics from Michael Miller Pearlized Glit collection, which I bought at CraftoholicShop. I used both chevron and quarter dot patterns in two colours. Out of this fabric I made a table linen on the main party table and lots of ribbons in two seizes. The ribbons I made on the sew machine according to the DIY I've found on the Youtube channel on how to make a ribbon. It was christmas style bows actually, but I think suited perfectly for the party theme!
I also used the Michael Miller fabric to sew the garland which I also made in two seizes, two on the walls and one on the sweet table.
I completed the birthday party decoration with pink and minty quotes and a huge mint and gold one figure. The quotes were made out of a Head Over Heels Alphabet.
If you'd like to check the recipes of sweets I made for that day, follow the links for: a chocolate bar,  oat cakes and banana glutenfree muffins.
I must admit I had a lot of fun during preparations for this Big Day of my daughter. It was so exciting when everything looked just well altogehter. I really recommend you to do the same with your kid's Birthday Party, as it is both a huge fun and money - saving trick. Enjoy and if you have any questions how to do things, just ask :-)

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