Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I am a total fan of not overwhelming our kids with dozens of toys, dolls, figures, blocks, games, stuffed animals, except for books, which I might buy every day. I think it's craziness when the kid has a room full of the little plastic creatures the adults created for the kids or maybe themselves... who knows. To be clear - I'm not the enemy of toys in general - it is the huge number of them put at the disposal of our kids that makes me sick.
There is this crazy friend of mine, Ann, a Mum of gorgeous little Josephine, that keeps telling me to buy more and more toys for my Zu, otherwise I'll destroy her childhood :-) One day I let this theory to conquer my head. It was the same day when the babysitter told me the story on how did Zu fight on the playground with another girl who had a baby doll stroller. The result - I went to the nearest shop and bought the doll stroller - the only one left, blue with ugly case. I bought it promising myself to change the case as soon as possible. To tell you the truth I also found this idea a great opportunity to write a post here and show you how easily you can change the bad-looking toy into something... more interesting :-) 
This is a kind of post before and after, where the before was something like this:

and the after is the best folding doll stroller I have ever seen! Why the best - because it's unique and handmade by Mamma :-)
It was such a nice and easy work to do. The most difficult was to pick the fabric which will go well with the frame and has nothing to do with the pink :-)
I didn't have to do the pattern - I just take off the old case, unstitched it and copied the pattern on my fabric. Just a few stitches and the work was ready :-)

Can you see the difference? Well, the little lady almost couldn't see it at all. She was happy though, so I suppose she found it a little bit fancy :-) And what do you think? 
Oh, and be sure, I'm still stick to my opinion on overhelming the kid with too many toys. I keep hiding some toys of the little Zu from time to time, giving them back to her after some time passes. Guess what - she has soooo much fun with that! To be honest, does any of my friends and family founds her unhappy with the toys she has? Does she looks like in need of having them much more? Tough issue :-)
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