Monday, April 13, 2015

Wooden house - easy DIY

I have never ever thought I would one day write a post with a magic "DIY" in title. Few months of blogging and here it is :-) This would be an easy kind of DIY, as I don't feel like an appropriate person to show anybody how to do things, art and design especially. However, these many many months of surfing in this design world convinced me that any advice, even the littlest one, may save somebody's interiors, somebody's big project, that may inspire somebody to start its own interior therapy :-)
So I start with just a hint of DIY, with a dream to make great DIY posts in the future. I am fully aware of how much I learned from others, from those who had time for showing their projects from behind the scene. I really, really hope at least one person on the Earth will benefit from my passion. Hello? Anyone there?

OK. As I promised - here you'll find the easiest DIY as possible. Some time ago I bought these little precious decorative wooden mini arts from Storywood. You could already watch them on my Instagram profile. They spend some time in my draw, waiting for the inspiration to struck. I've started with the house, as it looks the most unique for me. It also went well with my passion for nordic style recently.

The wooden house was transformed from a natural wooden one into a white painted decoration. It could stay in natural, if you ask me, but my family isn't the greatest fun of a natural wood, so it had to be painted. White was the only option - in such small premises as I have at my disposal too much colors is a killer.

I didn't want to paint the house on each side, for many reasons, including work overload :-) So I secured the flank of the house with a paper tape, the same you use when painting your walls. I could that way freerly paint one side of the house with white paint, without worries that something goes wrong. The paint - obviously it's the best to pick the one for wood; I took an acrylic paint and secured it afterwards with an enamel with matt effect. It gives you the comfort of clear object, with no risk that you'll soil your hands with white dust. 
 And here is my favorite look! You get some fresh flowers, the house and your cabinet gets the look you can't deny is a nice one :-) The only thing you need now is a cup of coffee, comfy chair and you can relax sitting, drinking and staring at your masterpiece :-)))
Have a nice evening! If you would like to share with me your feelings about my simple DIY, let me know, I'll really appreciate it!

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