Monday, March 9, 2015

Teddy bear baby set

Welcome back after such a nice weekend! We were celebrating International Women Day of 8th March, with lots of flowers and nice greetings from our Men :-) I made some shopping for myself only, just to feel more like as it was my day too. Awww, I bought also some decorations for the home of ours, but it will be about it later! By the way, just check what a beutiful flowers I got this weekend! There is another pretty bunch of tulips from my brother-in-law to be, but got it when it was dark already so no good light for photos.

OK, enough flowers, the next ones will be soon as the Spring is here! Today I'm going to show you the teddy bear set composed of the beanie, longsleeve top and a scarf.  I made that for my girl when she was still inside me and when I was yet a great fan of grey melange. Do you remeber my previous posts about my adventure with grey melange (about headband and baby blanket)? This will be the end of this story. I had these very little samples of leather in different tones, and I wanted to decorate the set with it. So I cut a teddy bear out of them. Although some people say it looks like a mouse, it meant to be a teddy bear :-) A few months later, when the little beanies were too small for the little head, I made another one with teddies ears.
The pattern - well I took it out of one bought hats, not too complicated to be honest and I think everyone is able to do such a beanie, not to mention the scarf. It was really very very simple, and very practic at the end, warm and baby friendly.
There was a little problem with the top, but I have also made a pattern out of a top I bought. The only problem was with fastening - the original version was with the snap fastener, which was beyond reach for me. So I ended up with the ties. Just have a look:
And here is how the baby loves beanies made by Mamma :-)

What do you think - should the grey melange stay in babies closet and accessories drawers? Well, cerainly if you are begginner in sewing it would probably cost you as much effort to make something from this fabric as it costed me. Maybe you'll be more lucky and get solid instructions from professionals how to make it sewn properly - I hope you do! Let me know in comments your feelings with these fabric.

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