Monday, January 19, 2015

Extreme knitting

I don't remember actually how it started, I think it was some design magazine that showed me a photo of an extreme knitted white blanket. And I desired to make such cozy and stunning things. I've started with looking up for this big loop yarn and adequate needles and I've found many people doing these things and selling all necessary stuff. My first inspiration was Jacqueline Fink from Little Dandelion who makes such a wonderful blankets and throws. I asked my dearest hubby - Santa Claus to bring me those huge needles and at least a sample of the big yarn so that I could check whether it is a story for me. My beloved Santa, supported by the TJOCKT company from Finland brought me that fantastic present I wished!

And so I started to knit with it, even though I had very little part of yarn and could do only a neckwarmer and a beanie, but anyway it was worth to try!

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