Friday, January 23, 2015

Burlap Art inspiration

I'm thinking for a while now of making our own photo wall gallery at the house we live at right now. So not only dreaming of the new one, but to improve the place we live here and now. 

THIS IS IT! Disney Pixar Up Inspired Burlap Art

I've already convinced mu husband to do the gallery, as without his help I can only put the art on the floor. As usual, I start seeking for the inspirations on how it might look like, not to mention - how to do this. There is plenty of DIY's on the Internet and I will look at them while making the gallery. But the question is what to put into the frames.

I have found this new idea on using a burlap as a background to any kind of content you want. I think it might be a good companion for photos we'd like to hang on our photo gallery and for many other types of art I'd like to put there.

So is it a good idea tu use the burlap at home decorating? Not convinced yet? Maybe this nice burlap hand made deer in a frame would persuade you :-)
Photo by LizMarie Blog on Instagram

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