Friday, March 21, 2014

Butterfly baby blanket

In spite of ubiquitous minky fabric, especially those minky cuddle dimple dot fabrics which are used now for every kind of baby blankets in Poland (I've also used it in one of my projects, see here), as the spring came here, I have made a butterfly baby blanket for my little daughter. I made it of microfiber fabric, similar in touch with minky, but totally different in look.

No matter how minky blankets are beautiful, my daughter deserves something more original. I was looking for an inspiration for a long time and, as usual, it occured, that everything is within reach, you just need to take it and put the puzzle together. Enough talking, time for the show :-)

I took out all the fabrics I gathered for the last few months and put them together in combination I found most adequate for the little lady. First inspiration for me was my friend Kamila, who makes scrapbooking masterpieces (one day I'll show you!) and made those beautifully shaped butterflies.

Few days after I decided to make the blanket for Zu, I came across quite well done and easy DIY video on how to make a trimming. Finally it came totally different than my virtual teacher made it, however the begining was looking good for a while :-) Anyway I managed to make pretty straight and cute trimming.

The rest of the project went quite smoothly, however not too straight. But who said that everything has to be sewn equally. For my straight stiches are passe, what you may actually see on my patchworks ;-)
And here is the final blanket. My baby. For me it is the most beautiful thing I was able to create until know.

Do you like it as much as I do? Well, go on and share it with your friends! I have already shared it on Beth's the link party. And if you have any suggestions on how to improve my work, live a comment, I would appreciate it alot!

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