Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patchwork Throw Blue - Beige

I've made a promise, that as soon as there will be time for it - I will make some photos of my first patchwork throw, and here it is!

Honestly speaking it wasn't easy to make it, most fabrics used to it was thick, of different substance, no knowledge on how to make it, what needles to use, etc. etc. There was only this sole intuition of mine and my imagination. And I did it! Of course I will be smarter in the futrure, but this first throw I will never forget!

Too much blue or beige? Quite alot of bad stiches? Or maybe you don't care and you like the throw as it is? I hope so, but if you want to tell me your opinion, I'd be glad. And don't forget to show it to your friends - let them give their opinion too!

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