Monday, February 25, 2013

Rising sewing lover

It has been for a long time now that I knew, crafting is what I love. I wasn't wrong, of course ;-) I realized that when it comes to sewing on the day of my 30'th birthday, as I got those simple sewing machine from my family. I started to sew right after the birthday cake! And here is what came out of it!


Basically, if I create something, it has to have its own destiny. I don't think I would be able to sew something just llike that and put it to the drawer afterwards. Maybe it is because doing something for certain person, known to me or not, I can adjust my masterpiece to the character and preferences of him or her. It's much easier to make something imaginig how this person will look like in it, will she or he like the colour, style, will it be necessary for him or she at all? And one more important rule for me - it has to be in my style, colour and preferences to make the new thing with passion and joy. If someone would ask me to sew a pillowcase I didn't find nice and pretty, I wouldn't did it or I would - but without any satisfaction. This is how I am.

Luckily there are so many occasions going around me, more or less important, and each of them is a cause to a new masterpiece - my handmade sensation.

So I made a birthday gift for Paulina - kitchen accesories made in fabrics from Craftfabric.

...and for my friend - Kamila, apart from similar kitchen accesories I made the kitchen apron using my own patchwork style ;-)

After this adventure, I fall in love with sewing :-)

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  1. Jestem szczęśliwą posiadaczką powyższego zestawu fartuszka, rękawicy i pomocnika. Muszę przyznać, że prezent jest bardzo oryginalny, wyjątkowo uroczy i zachęca do gotowania :-) A widok męża w fartuchu jest bezcenny!!! DZIĘKUJEMY K&P