Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let's get it started!

This story has the beginning long, long time ago, when the famous Barbie doll was the essense of my life. The doll had to wear something, obviously, and that "something" turned out to be my own designs and production. And you know what! They looked really fashionable at that times. They weren' just clothes - they were clothes made of the most wonderful fabrics on Earth - cut out from my mothers dresses :-) (my Mum still keeps reminding me of this everytime she speaks with soemone about my sewing wachine :-)
Unfortunately, at that time I didn't make any photos of my first mastrepieces. But I managed to dig out some photos of more contemporary work of mine, and I would like to show them to you. Some of you have probably seen them before, and this refers to all my wedding guests, whom I send my greetings.
I'm sorry for a questionable quality of these photos, the next ones will be a hundred times better. At that time I persuaded my younger sister to help me and cooperate.

So at the beginning there was this passion for paper wedding cakes...

...and the passion for paper wedding cakes was dictated by the current need of regale of wedding guests with a little something :-) And we did it! Everyone got this piece of cake made by us (and my sister), with almonds inside and a thank you card.

Next, as we had two more weddings around - one in our family and one of my friends, I asked my sister to help me with another two wedding cakes.

For Aneta and Andrew...

...and for Ania and Michal:

After the wedding cakes, I was full of new ideas. If you want to see them, come and follow my blog or subscribe to my mailing list and I you'll be surprised, how many new issues I have taken on :-)

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