Monday, April 22, 2013

Pillow case - ciao ragazze e ragazzi!

After a long long break (isn't it the begining of each post of mine? Eh!), I am back with a new project. Guess what? It's all because of Sokół - she makes my creativity blooming :-) So she asked for two pillow cases, 35cmx35cm each. 

And who picked the fabrics? Yes, yes, the famous, great, fabulous Sokół. I trust in her taste and her style as she is doing quite well with her scrapbooking hobby (OK, she does GREAT with it!). And I'm never worry she would pick a fabric I don't like. So she picked those "Who is that girl?" fabric of Robert Kaufman collection.

How nice, istn't it?!

I've decided not to make any buttons in these pillows, so I made the natural ribbons sewn in. Have a look!

I must admit I am delighted with the effect. I hope the pillow cases will conquer Sokół's heart as well. Did it conquer yours?

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