Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bespoked gift for Maggie

Today I'd like to show you the gift I made for Maggie. It was my friend Kamila (hereinafter reffered to as: "Sokół" ;-) who asked me to do the gift. And she wanted to have a huge impact on what it would be done of. So at the begging we (read: mostle she ;-) have picked some fabrics from Craftfabric Store. Sokół choose the Cats, so the rest part of the gift had to be adjusted to the Cats...

My dearest Sokół was the first beneficiary of the kitchen apron and other kittchen accesories (see them here), and she loved it so much (I guess ;-) that she asked for a similiar one for Maggie.
I learned that every sewing should start with patterns. Don't smile! For a beggining cratfer as I was, learned only from Internet resources, it was a huge discovery :-)


I have to tell you, that I have almost confused callendar and it was a close shave that I wouldn't make the gift ready for today! Luckily my Sokół was watchful :-) So yesterday evening I made those mysterious patterns (took out of my head), and from this very morning I was looking forward for the Sun and the end of night quiet hours and my first stitch.
It looks nice, don't you think? The time was racing, so at the beginig I made the apron.

As soon as I realized that the apron didn't take me a half of the day, I've started off with the kitchen glove and everything finally went so well.

Just a quick packaging and the gift for Maggie is ready. We'll see what Maggie will say :-)

Ps. special thanks for Sokół for her initiative!

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  1. o ja! to o mnie i (już) moim fartuszku:) dziś zabieram się za gotowanie!
    cały zestaw jest cudny.
    dziękuję Sokołowi i oczywiście Autorce:)